Verified Business cards by World KYC

Our Vcard is a verified business card that has been authenticated by world KYC services to confirm the identity of the business owner and the legitimacy of the business itself. The process is done by submitting relevant documents such as business registration, location, industry, online presence, and ownership details.

Once verified, businesses and individuals can check that their information are correct and that they are the only ones who can edit it. The Vcard provides authenticated proof of your Business Information to be charred to the public.

Few Benefits of the Vcard:

  • Stop scammers and Identity theft
  • Strengthen your prospect confidence in your legitimacy
  • Easily share your sensitive contact information to other privately authenticated users
Authenticated Physical business card to online Vcard.

How does this work?
Once the user is verified and authenticated in World KYC generating Vlink QR code is unable. Sharing the information of your choice is then possible through our secure VO2tech QR code.
Authentication Virtual business cards can be reviewed by your prospect online directly by scanning the QR code link. Additionally the authenticated contact information can directly be uploaded to your private contacts through VCF upload.

How to get a Vcard?
  1. Purchase Vcard option
  2. Register and get autheticated in World KYC
  3. Design and Printed cards options are available though our partners.
Review sample card:


A verified business card

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