Zero Knowledge Decentralized Identity Custody

  • Stealth Identity to share with or without name identification
  • Spam filter for calls and emails
  • ID Custody SMEs can outsource their compliance to GDPR and more
  • Advertisers: Certified & Unique Certified count. The Botkiller
  • Bank grade enhanced diligence option for selected contacts
  • Crowd Live Authentication Onboarding / Continuous Monitored
  • Global payment SWIFT GPI UETR linked Compliance
  • Authenticated Invoice for lending

For Individuals

  • Share their private Identity detail with unknown contacts.
  • Is the Identity Custodian compliant with privacy rules (GDPR).
  • Is my contact known (traceable in case of Fraud)? Is my contact a criminal? Bank level Due Diligence please.
  • Is that web page authenticated? (Phishing, Advisor slide…).

For Business

  • Cost of privacy compliance is huge for SMEs.
  • How to know counterparties globally.
  • Identification and Fake ID.
  • Get a certify number of users and unique users.

For Financial Institutions & Crypto exchanges

  • Compliance with FATF for Crypto exchanges.
  • Lack of transparency Global payments increase cost and settlement.
  • Authenticating fake ID.

Stealth Identity

A Decentralized Identity Custodian

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