WKYC Card Verified Identity for the real world

Back in the days, we met someone, shook hands, while stating our names. We had no reason to doubt the identity of the individual.

Nowadays we cannot even be sure the person we meet is sharing their real name. This is true in the digital and physical world.

With identity fraud costing 60 Billion every year in the US alone, businesses must ensure that identities shared are genuine and know their contacts. This is a process commonly referred to as “know your customer”, which we prefer to state as “Know Your Contacts” as fraudsters can come in the form of a supplier or an employee.

World KYC introduces “WKYCcard”, to its product suite.

The WKYCcard or “Verified business card” gives businesses and individuals the ability to verify Identity with WorldKYC as a trusted custodian.

About World KYC

World KYC provides Decentralized Digital Identities (DDID), backed by real verified documents kept in the custody. World KYC Custody is a tool to fight Identity fraud while respecting Privacy and sovereign jurisdictions.

World KYC also provides KYC AML consulting and technology solutions.