Web 3.0 Vlink to Manage your Expenses

Web 3.0 Vlink to Manage your Expenses

Managing and sharing expenses is now simple and secure with Vlink from World KYC. Many solutions require all parties to be on the same platforms which can be onerous.

Maintaining your paperwork in an orderly, certified, and in a safe manner is made possible by using Vlink for Receipt management. VLink is a simple solution for managing expense reports from beginning to end.

Create a Vlink, take a picture of your receipt, add notes about the expense.

Share the Verified Link so that your documents remain secured with World KYC and not traveling across unsecured emails or messaging platforms.

Vlink provides the advantages of being verified, shareable, retrievable, and backed up.

Vlink receipt management simple steps:

  1. Create
  2. Scan your receipt
  3. Share with your manager for approval
  4. Share with accounting for settlement
Vlink is a very powerful tool to share sensitive information, in a secure environment with Zero Knowledge authentication.

About World KYC

WorldKYC offers a secure framework for decentralized identity management, incorporating Zero Knowledge proof of individuality, evidence of vitality, and discreetly authenticated communication. The platform ensures KYC compliance while fully adhering to privacy regulations.

Operating in a decentralized manner, WKYC utilizes a network of reliable identity custodians, enabling both businesses and individuals to engage in communication while adjusting privacy preferences, spanning from complete anonymity to comprehensive identity disclosure.