Stained Reputation? CZ, Elon Musk, and Chris Skinner Impersonated

World KYC Fighting Scammers Impersonating Celebrities

Scammers are getting more sophisticated in their methods to deceive and exploit a large number of innocent victims. Efforts from World ID are a great step forward in weeding out bots and slowing down the process by requiring proof of personhood.

Proof of personhood is great, but Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) Identification with proof of life is much better. How do we make scammers accountable for misleading investors? ZKP authentication means the privacy of honest people is maintained while scammers are identifiable by law enforcement if a crime is being committed.

This week alone, we saw two major celebrities being impersonated to defraud people. In both cases, the celebrity's identity was used to bring credibility to the investment.

In one notable case, scammers used a deep fake video of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) to promote a fake cryptocurrency giveaway, leading many to believe in the legitimacy of the scam and lose their investments. In another instance, a deep fake video circulated on social media, featuring what appeared to be Elon Musk promoting an amazing offer. This video was a sophisticated forgery, convincing enough to trick numerous individuals into thinking it was a genuine opportunity endorsed by Musk himself.

This is not a new problem in the crypto world. In April 2018, I had the privilege of moderating an exclusive interview with Chris Skinner, a world-renowned strategist specializing in the future of business, technology, and finance, at the 2nd edition of the International Forum on Innovative Digital Financial Instruments during the third edition of SITIC AFRICA. Interview with Chris Skinner

Prior to the event, I remember discussing ICOs with Chris. He shared how he discovered that he was falsely listed as an advisor on several ICO projects he had no involvement with. This is a classic case of reputation theft, highlighting the need for robust identification solutions. Chris is a celebrity in the financial world; he is not just a showman; he’s a "knowman" with deep insights into banking, fintech, technology, and the future.

Had Chris been asked for a ZKP ID, some investors may not have been deceived. I do not know if any investors were misled into a bad investment, it is always good to verify.

No one can impersonate me on LinkedIn, as they cannot fake the authentication coming from the VLink in my QR code.

World KYC is a software layer allowing individuals and businesses to authenticate themselves and digitally notarize documents and media, preventing impersonation. The application is delivered as a freemium model for individuals and a premium model for businesses. Members are compensated with a loyalty reward voucher for work and purchases. More to come at the launch of our crowdfunding campaign.

In conclusion, WKYC is the only solution that provides decentralized digital ID with ZKP authentication, bringing accountability to the Web3 world while preserving anonymity on a need-to-know basis. Sign up at for a $5 reward and request ZKP authentication from anyone that requests payment from you.

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