Announcing the Launch of Reg2 Wallet

World KYC unveils the Reg2 Wallet (REGistered with REGulators), a groundbreaking innovation designed to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency compliance while ensuring user privacy.

Addressing the Challenge of Cryptocurrency Compliance

The cryptocurrency sector is under increasing scrutiny, with a critical focus on preventing misuse for illicit activities. Following the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) amendment in 2019, crypto companies are now subject to stringent compliance requirements, echoing those in the traditional financial sector. In this landscape, World KYC’s Reg2 Wallet is a game-changer, offering a solution that respects both regulatory obligations and the privacy needs of users.

Reg2 Wallet: Balancing Privacy, Compliance, and Fraud Prevention

The Reg2 Wallet, leveraging state-of-the-art web3 Zero Knowledge authenticated communication, ensures compliance with the FATF Travel Rule while maintaining user anonymity.

Key features and benefits of the Reg2 Wallet include:

  1. Privacy at the User’s Discretion: Users retain control over their personal information, sharing details selectively based on transaction needs. This approach upholds privacy while ensuring regulatory compliance.
  2. Robust Compliance for Exchanges: The Reg2 Wallet allows both centralized and decentralized exchanges to meet regulatory demands confidently, balancing the necessity for regulatory compliance with respect for user privacy.
  3. Enhanced Fraud Prevention: Central to the Reg2 Wallet’s design is its robust fraud prevention capability. Users can conduct transactions anonymously, while the receiving party is assured that law enforcement can access essential data in case of fraudulent activities. This feature exemplifies World KYC's commitment to “anonymity with accountability,” offering secure transactions with integrity.
  4. Economical Compliance Solutions: Integrating the Reg2 Wallet reduces compliance-related costs for exchanges, aligning with World KYC's vision of efficient and privacy-respecting financial operations.
The Reg2 Wallet represents a significant advancement in cryptocurrency transactions, where compliance, security, and user privacy are seamlessly integrated.

Embrace the new standard of “anonymity with accountability” in cryptocurrency transactions with World KYC's Reg2 Wallet.

About World KYC

WorldKYC offers a secure framework for decentralized identity management, incorporating Zero Knowledge proof of individuality, evidence of vitality, and discreetly authenticated communication. The platform ensures KYC compliance while fully adhering to privacy regulations.

Operating in a decentralized manner, WKYC utilizes a network of reliable identity custodians, enabling both businesses and individuals to engage in communication while adjusting privacy preferences, spanning from complete anonymity to comprehensive identity disclosure.

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