FACE "Open Pitch” on February 23rd

Join Hervé Lacorne, the founder and CEO of World KYC
Friday, February 23rd, 2024
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Prince Theatre Heritage Stay Hostel - Silom

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During his presentation, Hervé will shed light on the workings of World KYC, explaining how the platform is pioneering in offering Anonymous Communication coupled with Zero-Knowledge Proof of Identity to foster both privacy and accountability in the Web3 space.

WorldKYC safeguards against identity fraud through its focus on decentralized identity custody. By leveraging Zero Knowledge proofs of individuality and incorporating proof of life, it offers a pathway to discreetly authenticated communication. Beyond promoting KYC compliance, the platform facilitates seamless adherence to privacy regulations for businesses.

About World KYC

WorldKYC offers a secure framework for decentralized identity management, incorporating Zero Knowledge proof of individuality, evidence of vitality, and discreetly authenticated communication. The platform ensures KYC compliance while fully adhering to privacy regulations.

Operating in a decentralized manner, WKYC utilizes a network of reliable identity custodians, enabling both businesses and individuals to engage in communication while adjusting privacy preferences, spanning from complete anonymity to comprehensive identity disclosure.

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