World KYC ISO 20022 on Blockchain

World KYC ISO 20022 on Blockchain

In the rapidly evolving world of finance, the ISO 20022 standard for cross-border payments is emerging as a game-changer. By blending the world of traditional payment messages with blockchain infrastructure, we at World KYC (WKYC) are embarking on a journey to enhance user experience, accelerate settlement speeds, enhance compliance, and prevent fraud.

What is ISO 20022?
ISO 20022 is a universal standard for financial messaging that facilitates the exchange of payment details between financial institutions, market infrastructures, and customers. The standard aims to improve the customer experience by making payments more efficient, reducing errors, and enhancing compliance processes. It also allows for more structured transaction data to be included in payment messages, which can help with fraud prevention and analytics. Emphasizing a universal standard for financial messaging, improving the customer experience, enhancing compliance processes, and structured transaction data is critical for fraud prevention.

Benefits According to HSBC
HSBC outlines several key benefits of ISO 20022 adoption for the entire payments ecosystem, including banks, market infrastructures, and bank customers:

  • Rich structured party data and increased field size will provide greater levels of transparency and create efficiencies by reducing delays caused by unstructured, incomplete, or inconsistent data.
  • Dedicated returns and investigation messages, using standardized return codes, will drastically reduce delays in applying returned funds back to customers and responding to inquiries from other banks.
  • Maintaining dedicated reference fields that remain unaltered throughout the end-to-end payment journey and introducing structured remittance data will augment customers' reconciliation capabilities.
  • Greater message harmonization across the entire payments industry, with a universal message type for all payments, will help integrate with many more schemes more quickly. This opens the door to linking numerous local and global payment platforms, such as Fedwire, SWIFT, and the Hong Kong clearing system.
WKYC's Web3 Connector
Our Web3 connector is a solution that bridges traditional financial messaging with blockchain infrastructure. By integrating blockchain technology, we can enhance compliance on payment messages beyond ISO 20022, enabling seamless, secure, and efficient transactions. This approach not only increases transaction speed but also allows financial institutions in emerging countries to service their clients globally, promoting responsible financial inclusion.
One of the key opportunities is to leverage settlements via stablecoins on an EVM-compatible chain such as XDC. This integration provides a secure and efficient way to handle transactions, ensuring that all parties can verify the identity of payees and authenticate banking instructions, significantly reducing the risk of fraud.

At World KYC, we believe that combining the strengths of ISO 20022 with the innovative potential of blockchain and Web3 technologies can transform the financial landscape. Our commitment to enhancing compliance, accelerating transaction speeds, and preventing fraud supports financial institutions in emerging countries, enabling them to provide better services to their clients globally. By leveraging blockchain and Web3, we can make financial inclusion more efficient, secure, and reliable.

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